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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We Alt fix as a company give top most priority to all our beloved clients. Maintaining one's privacy is a very sensitive issue. In order to keep a good vibe among others, we do the task of maintaining privacy very strickly. We go with the PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT(PIPA). We only ask for your basic personal data like name, gender, address, etc. By co-operating with us with this info you consent to its use and disclosures by us in according with the terms of this website privacy policy (the “Policy”). This Policy describes the personal information we collect, use and disclose through this website at (the “Site”).

Visitors to and users of the site are referred to as “user”,” you” and “your” and company referred to as “we”.” us” and “our”.

In our site, we provide info about various kinds of image editing services (the “Service”) like image retouching, clipping, etc. The use of this site including all objects that are present herein and all online services provided by the company is subject to this policy. This Privacy Policy is applied to all site visitors, customers and all other users of this site. The entrance of anyone on our website constitutes a use of the site and a full acceptance of this policy and its items.

Types of data we collect from you

This is a matter of curiosity that what kind of data we want from you. We only desire the personal information of yours that you are willingly giving to us. They are your

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Website URL (if you have any)
  • Phone number

We want an email to notify you of our newsletter. This will notify you of our latest blog post, promotional offers and let you comment on our blog. Also, we gather the info about your device, which includes IP address, type of your os and the type of browser you use to enter the website, what page you visit most and what links you are clicking. We only use this data to analyzing the purpose and make sure a better service for all our beloved customers.

This data may be shared with trusted third parties who are helping us in running this website relentlessly. They will keep your data safe and sound. All this info will not be licked to any unauthorized third parties. In the case of a law implement party, this condition doesn't apply.

We will send cookies to your device to make sure the betterment of our service to you. Well, these cookies are not to eat but we are sure they are necessary for both of us. Anyway, any time you have an open choice to cancel it. So we will not able to send or accept cookies. In case of that situation maybe hamper some use of our website. That might cause an issue sometime.

What we do with your precious Info

As we love to be crystal clear to our clients so we feel the necessity to let you know guys what we are gonna do with your valuable data. Basically we will deliver that kind of content and kind of service that might make you interest. We will utilize it to build up a good customer service. It will improve the response of our website. Also, it will be helpful to make some declaration of promotion offers, contests and various kinds of events.

We will not use any of your personal data that was originally collected from you unless you are willing to give us permission. Without your consent, nothing will happen.

How can you opt-out of it?

Sometime you may find the mails, subscription to our newsletter is kind and irritating. Well, in that case, let us know if you do not wish to receive any of our services. You can simply opt-out by pressing the unsubscribe link that will provide in our email. Or you can email us at [email protected]. Our helpful support team will help you out.

Necessary steps to keep my data safe

We always give the most priority to the security of your data. We will not let your data be misused, using it unethically. Also, we always make sure that we use a secure connection and get less access to your data. Only for necessary purposes. Moreover, you have acknowledged that the info you share online can be tempered, violated by any third party. You agree with us that any trouble that might be caused without our acknowledgment is not our concern and we will not be responsible for that. You have to notify us if there is any kind of breaching to your personal info. So we can take the necessary steps. We again remind you that your data will be accessible to only those who need to know it. such as third parties that help us to maintain our websites, the law enforcement as we describe to our policy previously. Though we use some payment gateways, we don't collect your financial info totally.

To whom we do the disclosure your info to?

We never like to disclose the info of our clients to anyone. It's totally bad for business. But in some cases, we need it badly to do for our own sake. We will disclose the data

  • The law enforcement
  • The lawyer

We need to do the enclosure the data to them to protect our rights, to protect the rights of our clients. Sometime we will use it to enforce the policy.

The time limits of keeping the info

There is no actual time limit for keeping the info. As long as you are connected to us by any means , we will keep that data that long. As we mentioned earlier.

Links we use to our website

There may be several links from many websites. As they may have a different privacy policy so you need to be aware of their policy. We won't be responsible for any means for any kind of action.


Sometimes our policy can be changed time by time. But we will notify every client of ours that the change has been made. You agree with us that you have reviewed this site's policy and will continue to review the site to be aware of any modification.

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